PACC in Action


Pennsylvania Campus Compact (PACC) is an organization which offers statewide support for member institutions who sustain an environment, culture, and infrastructure for student civic and community engagement and campus/community partnerships. As one of the three oldest state Campus Compacts which were established in 1988, PACC has grown to 60 institutional members representing community college, private/liberal art colleges, PASSHE schools, and the Penn State System. 

Adding Value To Your Institution’s Civic Mission

At Pennsylvania Campus Compact (PACC), we propose that your institution’s commitment to civic and community engagement adds value for students by developing their civic skills, deepening critical thinking as they participate in real-world community challenges, and inculcating transformative learning which prepares them for life and work.

PACC offers members unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, coordination, and recognition to advance their work in the community. We offer services to institutions which represent all sectors of higher education in Pennsylvania: public and private, two and four year.

A Powerful Statewide Impact
Membership in PACC helps campuses achieve extraordinary results in their communities. According to the latest Campus Compact membership survey, PACC is one of the most active and influential state networks in the nation:
• Among PACC member colleges and universities, an average of 47% of all students engage in some form of campus-supported community work.
• These students provide more than 10.7 million hours of service annually to K-12 schools, nonprofits, and other community agencies to help those in need.
• Through these efforts, Pennsylvania’s communities receive more than $239 million in direct service each year.

High-Value Programs & Services
PACC offers an array of programs and services designed specifically to help member institutions of all types achieve the most impact with their civic engagement work.
1. Strategic planning & leadership development: Members use our expertise to guide effective approaches to strategic issues such as governance of disparate engagement efforts, faculty roles and rewards, program assessment, and ways to connect engagement with institutional priorities such as student retention, community development, global citizenship, and public and donor relations.

PACC also provides both leadership development and forums for sharing expertise with others. Members can take advantage of opportunities such as the annual Eastern Region Campus Compact conference, Campus Compact’s national gatherings of presidents and chancellors, and state and local gatherings to share innovative work among students, faculty, and community engagement professionals.

2. Professional development & capacity building through networking and resource sharing: PACC members have access to a host of hands-on professional development opportunities to increase campus capacity and program effectiveness through national, regional, and statewide conferences to local workshops. We offer discounts to PACC sponsored events such as workshops, institutes and conferences which focus on topics such as:
• Strategic planning and resource alignment
• Collective impact and partnership development
• Service-learning theory and course development
• Engaged department initiatives
• Institutionalization of civic and community engagement through engaged scholarship and community-based research
• Measuring and communicating impact

In 2015-16, our VISTA program placed PACC*VISTAs on 21 member campuses valued at $420,000 helping build capacity of community organizations who serve thousands of Pennsylvanians living in poverty.

Individual consultation & support Membership in PACC gives you access to one-on-one consultation and small-group training in areas that are important to your campus. Such topics can range from strategic program development and assessment to interdisciplinary cooperation to community group processes and team building in order to maximize the effectiveness and impact of your programs.

National & statewide recognition PACC members receive statewide national recognition for their work in engaged scholarship and community building through PACC’s newsletter, website, and other forums. In addition, national awards such as the Newman Civic Fellows Award and the Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award shine a spotlight on members’ role in serving the common good.