PACC in Action

For PACC*VISTA Supervisors

Congratulations on being accepted as a host campus for the PACC*VISTA Program! We hope that you find the information on this page helpful as you guide your AmeriCorps*VISTA member through his or her term of service. If you have a question regarding any of these processes, please don't hesitate to contact Sarah Garnitz at

Supplemental Policies
Marketing Materials Provided by PACC
Sample Position Descriptions
Advertising Your Position
Interviewing Prospective PACC*VISTA Members
Enrolling Your PACC*VISTA
Contact Amy Carraux Price for a copy of the 13-14 eGrants tutorial. This manual moves the Supervisor step-by-step through the member enrollment process through text directions and screen shots of eGrants.
eGrants/MyAmeriCorps Tutorials
These video tutorials work the Supervisor through the four main enrollment processes:
  1. Create or Edit a Service Opportunity
  2. Search for Potential Applicants
  3. Search Submitted Applications
  4. Select & Recommend Your Candidate
Each tutorial is developed specifically for PACC*VISTA, is narrated by PACC staff, and is no longer than 5 minutes long.
Orienting Your PACC*VISTA
Orientation provided by PACC & CNS:
  • Pre-PSO Meeting, specifically for PACC*VISTAs--Sample Agenda (.doc)
  • Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) by CNS
Orientation from Host Campus:
Supporting Your PACC*VISTA
Training and Technical Assistance Provided by PACC
Support from Host Campus
  • Weekly one-on-one meetings with Supervisor & VISTA
  • Campus-based professional development classes
  • Conferences and other professional development
Monitoring Project Progress
Monitoring by PACC
Monitoring by Host Campus